• All about Inclusivity

    When we were trying to determine the "vibe" of Catalyst, we knew we wanted it to feel like your best friend's living room. You breeze right in and make yourself at home because you know what cabinet holds the cups and that there will always be an eager ear to tell your worries to.  A place you can show up just as you are, whether or not that includes makeup or a bra, or maybe you've still got in your foils 'cause you gotta kill those 45 minutes. 
  • What in the world is Fire Cider?

    Honestly, it's a question we asked ourselves too. Trust us though, one sip and you'll get it. The firey, sweet, tangy combination will rock your world. Not to mention, the girls that make it are the most badass ladies you'll ever meet. 
  • Easter, but make it Social Distancing.

    Just because we’re all in quarantine, that doesn’t mean we have to miss out on our Easter celebrations.