Honestly, it's a question we asked ourselves too. Trust us though, one sip and you'll get it. The firey, sweet, tangy combination will rock your world. Not to mention, the girls that make it are the most badass ladies you'll ever meet. 

After facing cancer twice, Amber and her identical twin sisters, Erica and Ashley, worked for over a year researching and developing a holistic way to stay healthy. Apple Cider Vinegar and Turmeric have long been proven to be great at this, however it's not the most tasty combination. The girls started home brewing fresh veggies. roots, herbs and honey and developed a delicious tonic without the harsh apple cider vinegar taste. Available in two flavors, Firey (the spiciest) and Southern (slightly sweeter). 

How do you use it? The easiest way is to take a "shot" every day! However, you can also integrate Sisters' Cider into your every day life by using it as a marinade or even a simple salad dressing. Saute your favorite greens, or add a splash into your favorite drink mix for a little kick! The options are endless!

Here's one of our faves: Sister's Guacamole


Red onion




Olive oil

Fiery Sisters’ Cider

Lime juice (from a fresh lime)



Combine everything and enjoy with a good salty, crunchy chip!




July 07, 2021 — Kendle Starcher
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