As a Maker, you know your craft.

You know what tools work best for what project. You  have a favorite pair of pliers, scissors, stone, clay, sewing needle. You've spent your days researching new techniques and honing your skills. But sometimes as a maker, it gets a little lonely. While spending your days toiling away in your studio can be so peaceful, it can also be a little boring. Something awesome happens when you finish a piece and have someone around to immediately show it to. That's what Catalyst wants to make more of. Those awesome moments where makers and collectors can come together and celebrate each other. 


By providing dedicated floor space and a selling team, your pieces can shine. They can be found by collectors who will cherish them and tell all their friends. You will have an outlet to test new ideas and gain immediate feedback. Together we are building a community. 


This Spring we are staring our next chapter and moving into a bigger space! This means more room for more incredible small businesses! New Vendor Applications are now live! Click here to read through our terms and see if Catalyst can work for you!