When we were trying to determine the "vibe" of Catalyst, we knew we wanted it to feel like your best friend's living room. You breeze right in and make yourself at home because you know what cabinet holds the cups and that there will always be an eager ear to tell your worries to.  A place you can show up just as you are, whether or not that includes makeup or a bra, or maybe you've still got in your foils 'cause you gotta kill those 45 minutes. 

It became apparent quite quickly that even though our floor was full of amazing finds and creations, we were really missing one major category; Clothing that went above the standard Small, Medium, Large. How can we fully serve all of our new best friends when we were missing out on so many? A quick brainstorm with our fearless boutique girls and a solution was immediately found. The Curvy Collection includes sizes that go up to 3X. Fun graphic tees, sweet blouses, flowy dresses, soft leggings, comfy jumpsuits, and pretty sweaters. We've even now got a strappy bralette! Like anything new, it's a slow build. If you see something you love, let these boutique girls know by supporting them! By selling our current styles, they can buy more! Looking for anything in particular? Let us know! We will do our best to help you find it.

August 10, 2021 — Kendle Starcher
Tags: New products

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