All the parties and and girls' nights might be on hold, but one thing that is not lacking right now is time for the family.  This is family time's moment, so why not let it shine? Eventually your teenagers will be able to ignore you from outside the home and your toddlers will be back to their play dates and wanting all the toys their friends have. And, let's be real, you'll be able to ignore your kids right back while socializing with actual, in-the-flesh, face-to-face adult time. *pause for daydream scene of drinking beer in a public place with friends*

Fortunately, Mother Nature has graced us with mostly beautiful weather, which makes it easy to take a family walk each day...or 3...or 7. The best way to kill, I mean enjoy, extra time is turn one of those walks into a picnic! Don't have a basket to hold PB&Js that will almost certainly get smashed by a one year old who thinks everything is a seat? We have you covered here!

For the days that you're nursing your sunburns because you forgot that the sun exists when you're walking outside and, therefore, didn't use sunscreen (not speaking from experience, of course), get the whole family involved in a little redecorating! Take some time to decide together which pictures make it to the wall of fame. And, while your at it, check out this fun picture frame that allows you to easily swap out pictures and/or cards. Hanging pictures using clothes pins makes it easy to sneak in that embarrassing one of your pre-teen when he played dress up in his sister's clothes and wait for him to find it. We do love a prank.

While it's easy to get down about all the things the quarantine has taken from you *ahem precious adult interaction* , you must also take a moment to appreciate the things quarantine has given you. Maybe your pre-teen has finally opened up to you and you guys now have a thriving TikTok dance channel, maybe you got to experience your baby's first steps that would have otherwise happened in daycare, maybe you got to have that first Zoom call with your funny grandma who kept holding her phone too close to her nostril. Whatever it is, you certainly wouldn't have been able to enjoy it from your gray cubicle. 

Until we can clink our drinks in person, here's a virtual cheers from us to you. 


The girls of Catalyst


May 02, 2020 — Kendle Starcher

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