This wild time of social distancing and isolation comes with its pros and cons for each individual. It's tough, wild, a little scary, and (at times) kinda ok no matter your situation!  But with Mother's Day barreling toward us, let's talk about what this time is like for the superhero named Mom.

Some moms have added teacher to their resume with no prior experience or expectation of EVER being 100% responsible for a small human's education. Some are being thrust into the role of full-time mom while still working their 9-5 remotely. Some have temporarily welcomed back children who had previously left the nest; and are feeding those kids who now also drink beer and wine. Some are missing hugging their kids and/or grand-kids all while trying to figure out all the different video chat platforms and learning the frustration of a weak WiFi signal.  The list goes on...

Regardless of the mom-tuation, the past few weeks have come with a lot of highs and lows, frustrations and special moments. We all know what's hard about it, so let's focus on the positive! 

  1. Moms who work out of the home have gotten time with their children they wouldn't normally. The baby's 1st steps that probably would have happened at daycare happened at home into his/her mother's arms. The time before dinner that is usually reserved for the commute home is now a family stroll around the neighborhood.
  2. Young adults coming home create an extended visit that would have never been planned. That means more time to realize what a cool human you raised. More time to just hang and show your kid that you really aren't like regular ARE a cool mom!
  3. TikTok exists and your teenagers are stuck at home which is the perfect recipe for PRIME embarrassment time. Make the videos, do the dances, lip sync over the voice of Kim K and watch your kids roll their eyes. We all know they actually think it's funny.

In conclusion: moms, YOU ROCK! You're nailing it and earning the title Queen of the Quarantine every single day. And for that, you deserve all the treats! We, at Catalyst Mercantile, have put together a Mother's Day Collection including some curated boxes to take the guesswork out of gifting. There is an option to add gift wrapping only or an option to add gift wrap & porch drop off on 5/8. So drop the hints, send something special to all the moms in your life, and/or treat yourself! And, above all else, remember that you are amazing and you're doing a great job!!!

April 24, 2020 — Kendle Starcher

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