Here it is. The beginning of the end of quarantine. Small retailers are allowed to open up if they choose and some people are going back to work. Normal is still a far ways off, and even then, our new normal will not be what it was. Walking around without a face mask will make you feel like the oddball and the smell of chemical cleaners will linger in the air for months to come.

But, you did it. You baked the banana bread and watched all the episodes of every season of everything, did the puzzles, tried to meditate and wound up napping, watered the plants, waited. You were worried, bored, frustrated, a little angry.

Phase 1 begins in a few hours and we will see what this new version of life looks like. The one where we can venture out a little further than just the grocery store, but are still wrapped in bubble wrap and cloroxed to the nth degree. Just as the version before this, we're doing it together. Always.

May 08, 2020 — Kendle Starcher

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