Southern Sisters' True South Fire Cider 8 ounce


Like a southern sister, this tonic is mainly sweet with a little spice!

This fire cider recipe is the mild version of our original with added rosemary and thyme. Perfect for those looking for a sweeter approach. 



Meant for all those that LOVE our recipe but can't handle the heat.



Apple Cider Vinegar*, Orange*, Onion*, Honey*, Lemon*, Ginger Root*, Horseradish Root*, Garlic*, Turmeric Root*, Habanero Pepper*, Rosemary Leaf*, Thyme Leaf*, Black Peppercorn*





Keep in a cool dark place such as a cabinet, shake prior to using to mix settlement from bottom. Recommended for daily use at least 2-3 teaspoons. Take throughout day to boost immune system. For detox 1 oz shot in the morning is recommended. Other great uses are marinades, salad dressing and anywhere you would use a vinegar for cooking.