Southern Sisters' Fire Cider 16 ounce


Like a southern sister, this tonic was meant to be mainly sweet with a little spice. This batch has more heat then we anticipated. So this batch is now our FIERY SOUTHERN Sisters' Cider! This southern sister is very spicy, with added rosemary and thyme giving it a very earthy flavor. 

(In the future this tonic will be mainly sweet with a hint of spice. Meant for all those that LOVE our recipe but can't handle the heat.)


Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar*, Orange*, Onion*, Honey*, Lemon*, Ginger Root*, Horseradish Root*, Garlic*, Turmeric Root*, Habanero Pepper*, Rosemary Leaf*, Thyme Leaf*, Black Peppercorn*




Keep in a cool dark place such as a cabinet, shake prior to using to mix settlement from bottom. Recommended for daily use at least 2-3 teaspoons. Take throughout day to boost immune system. For detox 1 oz shot in the morning is recommended. Other great uses are marinades, salad dressing and anywhere you would use a vinegar for cooking.