Naturally Scented Shampoo Bar



Ingredients Matter

Our shampoo bars contain no SLS, SCS or any other artificial foaming agent. Their great lather does not come from any synthetic foaming agents or damaging chemicals that strip your hair of natural oils. Each bar is made with Castor Oil to moisturize hair and increase blood circulation which helps with natural hair growth. This ingredient is great for fighting against dandruff and giving hair a healthy shine. Vitamin E rich Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil in our bars help to hydrate and protect hair from frizz for soft, shiny hair. Our bars are only naturally scented with essential oils (no irritating synthetic fragrances or perfumes).

Shampoo bars are great for any hair type (even thin hair!), but customers love each of our bars for different reasons. Our Grapefruit, Rosemary, & Lavender shampoo bar has a more mild scent, is good for hair growth, and is the most soothing on your scalp. Our Peppermint shampoo bar is a favorite for its stronger, cooling scent that provides refreshment, and is especially great for curly hair. Our Eucalyptus, Tea Tree shampoo bar has a mild scent, and is a favorite for removing extra product buildup and helping with dandruff. Our Citrus Cedarwood shampoo bar has a fresh, bright scent and is a great for promoting thick hair growth.

Many of our customers will try all of them, because even if one bar doesn't work on your hair it doesn't mean all of them won't work. Your hair is different! Your hair type and porosity play a big part in how your hair will transition and how you should use the bar.

Does the shampoo bar lather?

Yes!! The ingredients in this bar ensure a nice, good lather without the use of a synthetic foaming agent like Sodium Laurel Sulfate. 

Does it work on thin hair?

Absolutely. The shampoo bar is made to lift dirt and excess oil from your scalp and provide your specific hair with just the right amount of oils.

How is this bar different from other mainstream shampoo bars?

Some users wonder why their experience with this bar is different than their experience with other solid shampoo bars. The answer is in the ingredients. This bar contains no SLS, SCS or any other artificial foaming agent. This bar was formulated to completely cut out synthetic foaming agents and damaging chemicals from our daily hair care routine. So yes, even if someone has used a shampoo bar before, they may still experience a transition period when switching to this bar.

Is the shampoo bar just for hair?

It's made for hair but is truly a multipurpose shower product. You can wash your face, hair, and body with this bar (truly a minimalists dream :). Our shampoo bars are specially formulated to have a very rich lather - making it a great shave bar. And the sea salt and clay help pull impurities from the skin and scalp.