Bath Salt Shots


Wind down after a long day with this luxurious bath soak! Get the spa treatment in your own home.  
Lavender bath salt shot: 
Ingredients: Epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt, lavender fragrance oil, dried lavender buds, cornflower petals. 

Rose petal bath salt shot: 
Ingredients: Himalayan pink salt, Dead Sea salt, rose fragrance oil, rose petals, jasmine buds. 

Floral bath salts: 
Ingredients: Dead Sea salt, Epsom salt, sweet orange fragrance oil, lavender fragrance oil, rose petals, lavender buds, calendula petals. 
Eucalyptus bath salts: 
Soothing and relaxing eucalyptus bath salts. Eucalyptus is often used to relieve a stuffy nose, coughs, headaches, allergies, it boosts your immune system, relieves achy joints and muscles, and itching. 
Ingredients: Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, eucalyptus essential oil, dried eucalyptus leaves.