Barbie Movie Depression Barbie Doll Sticker


Barbie Movie Depression Barbie Doll Sticker "It's time to run out and get the new Depression Barbie. She wears sweatpants all day and night. She spent seven hours today on Instagram looking at her estranged best friend's engagement photos while eating a family sized pack of Starbust and now her jaw is killing her! And now she's going to watch the BBC's Pride and Prejudice for the seventh time, until she falls asleep! Anxiety, panic attacks and OCD are sold separately." Mascara stained pillow, BBC's Pride and Prejudice DVD, prescription medication, iPhone, wine, delivery pizza, laptop, and emotional support dog included. Size: 2" x 4" -Vinyl Waterproof -Cut to shape -Thick -Durable -Peel and stick -Great for notebooks, laptops, phone cases, binders, folders, walls, water bottles, yeti's, and pretty much anything else with a flat surface!